Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Been Busy!!

Hope You Are Doing Well!!

My apologies to all my followers (ha ha), For taking so long to post something..
I've still been putting in some time with my Web Business..

It does take some work..
But I sill enjoy it..

Thank all of you that have visited my sites!
It still isn't where I want it yet,
But I've only been online for 31 days so,
I'm trying not to be to critical yet..

But Hey, today is my 31st day online..
Thank pretty good..

Just gonna keep moving forward..
I am just really enjoying this..

Thanks Everyone!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Reaching Out!!!

Hello, And Thank You for stopping by..

I've recently reached out to all my Friends and asked if anybody has a Business they would like to get some extra exposure on, and let me know. I would happy to post on a Web Page, Blog, Fan Page, etc..

My best Friend Rene is an Animator and has a Blog that show some of his work and things related to Animation..  If anyone is interested... Here is the link..

Also gonna to build a sit for my best friend Bebe for her Business..

After learning how to build Web Pages.. Creating one is a breeze!!!!
Will keep you posted..

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's A New Year!!

Happy Belated New Year!!

My hope was to start the New Year on the right foot,
and although it hasn't been bad..
There are things I'm already wanting to do better..

Like with my Friends..

I have been so busy working on my online business,
And trying to keep my two older kids in line,
Not to mention the baby is crawling more than ever..
Man, She's quick!! We don't take our eyes off her 
for a second!!!

And I know that those reasons aren't Friend deal breakers,
But I was hoping to spend a little more time with them..

So my Apologies to my Friends  that I have been neglecting..

Bebe... Anna... Rene... Kenny.. Gabriel...

What I'm trying to do is work hard now,
 so I can spend a lot of time with each of you..

Not to mention all of my other friends, 
That I didn't get to mention..

These are my 5 closest friends that I'm in contact with 

Couldn't list all my friends..
Way to long...

But you know who you are...

Gotta work hard so I can invite you all to
Hang out with me in my Mansion!!

See you soon...