Saturday, April 21, 2012

Domain Names

Welcome back!!

Ok, we can continue to explore Komposer and get more experience with it as we move forward. Here is the link to komposer if you can't seem to locate it...

Even if you never create a website, this is a great thing to have on your computer just for fun.

Let's talk about a Domain names. A domain name is the name you use for your website that you would type in the URL at the top of the page.  It's the or .net or .org. basically the name that you give your website location so people can find it. Also can be called the URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

There are several places you can purchase a domain name. It just depends on what you know or heard about a certain site that sells them. Pick your favorite.

And many more, just browse for domain name registers. 

I use for my domain names which was recommended to me by my mentor. Also, some of the domain registry sites provide hosting as well, for a small fee, but it is totally worth the price, and you will need a host to upload your page on the internet, so, going with someone who provides hosting is a plus and you won't have to do complicated things like change name servers and things like that. 

After you have decided on a domain name for you site, which is usually only $10 a year, the next step would be to get a hosting account, again with whom ever you think has the best deal or that you have heard of from those you trust. The prices vary with hosting, so do some research. 

Now the Chris Farrell membership provides hosting that is included in the price of the membership, as well as all the information you need to start your own online business, if you are considering becoming a member. There is too much information to cover about a we business, than I can explain her at my blog, thus the reason for directing you to the Chris Farrell site. 

Once you have a hosting account, a domain name and a web editor, building a site is just a creative step away from going live on the internet. 

I am showing you the basic things that you would need to create a web page and move forward towards a web business.  As I said before, the information is huge about online business and I couldn't get into the depth that is needed to explain every aspect. My goal is to direct those of you who are truly interested in a web business, to the best information that I know. I'm here to help and I believe you need to get started somewhere. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Next Step

Alright, so now that you have downloaded Komposer and had a chance to explore it a little, take a look at these pages...

A basic page with information leading to other pages that are affiliate links. Now at the bottom of the page is the BBQ Spot full of ebook links and images.

Check these links out and get an idea how easy it can be to create a web page. All which can be accomplished in a short period of time.

Here is a free ebook to the course..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Web Editor info.

Hello all you happy people...

Creating a web business is not as easy as they say it is, but it's not hard either. What I want to do is show you a little bit on how some things work when creating an online business. Let me show you what I have learned...You need a few things to get something on the Internet. You need:

  • Domain name
  • Web Editor program
  • Hosting account

Now honestly this process is not free, but not really that expensive either. You will have to invest a small amount of money, but that's the same for any business. For example, my Internet business cost me less that $50 a month, so I stopped eating out every week and just ate out every other week. I'm learning how to cook and I look better.

Let me start with the Web editor program...why start here??... well, if you can play around with a web editor program and see ho easy it is to create the Web page, then that might give you the confidence to go forward with a web business. And the good thing about the Web editor program that I am gonna tell you about is FREE!! That's right free. And a harmless and safe program, that if you don't like it, well, you can just delete is from your computer at any time, just uninstall it. Nice right?!

Ok, so that program is called Komposer with a "K", and you just download and install it and run it like you would any other program. Very easy.

Once you have it installed, open it up and there will a "did you know" pop-up window but you can just close it. From there, you will be able to access all the functions of the program and will quickly see that if you have worked with Microsoft Word, that it really similar to that program. I recommend creating a table and working within that table. Just play around with it. Insert some images, text, format the text give it color, just go crazy.

What I am doing is just putting this out there to see if you are interested in doing something like this. Keep in mind that I would have to write every instruction down in order to explain everything about the program, and to be honest the instructions are already on a video on how to use it at the Chris Farrell Website, where I learned all of this, so I'm always gonna refer you to his site, and those who are really interested in this can:

Now this link will take you to the Chris Farrell Membership page, however, on this page at the very bottom is a full video course on how to create your very own web business and instructions on how to use the Web editor, Komposer, and, get this... ready???.... it is also FREE!!! That's right, you do not need any thing to access these video's just your time. And did I mention that it is 100% FREE?? Take my word for it, but also, see for yourself. 

I am interested in online business, and maybe the world has shut you out of the job market, and you are trying to get back on your feet but need to find another source of income, well, this might be it, so it may be something that you may want to look into. There is free information for all. Check it out. 

This post is on a web editor and I will go into more detail in my next post.

Thank you for stopping by...